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Why You Should Perform Regular Roof Inspections

Your commercial roof, like the rest of your building’s systems, will last longer with regular maintenance. Unless you regularly inspect your roof, you’ll never know if it needs work. Many property owners don’t understand the significance of performing routine roof inspections.

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Regular Roof Inspections Prevent Premature Failures

A commercial roof can fail for a variety of reasons that are easily avoidable. Puddling water can damage roofing materials over time due to blockages in roof gutters and drains. The debris on the roof can also trap moisture, resulting in a deterioration of the roofing material before its time. These problems will be discovered by your commercial roofing contractor during your roof inspection, allowing them to be addressed before they become major issues.

Who Should Inspect Your Roof?

While some homeowners perform their own roof inspections, it’s always best to hire a professional to do it for you. It’s your commercial contractor’s job to look for problems with your roofing material and make recommendations for quick fixes that can prevent a full-blown roof leak. They’ll know what to look for. Minor membrane repairs and sealant replacement are common in roof inspections, particularly for new construction.

When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

You should check your roof at least once a year, and more often if you notice any unusual activity that could point to a leak in the roofing system. Look for issues like these:

  • Your building’s ceiling has stains.
  • Moisture buildup on the ceiling or floor for no apparent reason.
  • There is an odd musty smell coming from somewhere in your building.
  • Roof depressions caused by water infiltration.

Your commercial roofing contractor may have warned you about having your roof inspected as it nears the end of its service life. Be on the lookout for this warning sign. To find out how long your commercial roof will last, call your roofing contractor and have him or her perform an inspection when you’re not sure.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection With Roof Solar Roofing Contractors

]In order to keep our commercial clients from experiencing roofing problems, Roof Solar Roofing Contractors conducts thorough inspections every year. Our yearly roof inspections can help your roof last longer. As an added benefit, they save you money by avoiding costly leak repairs. Make an appointment by calling the number listed above as soon as possible.

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