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Types of Residential Roofs in Jacksonville FL

Choosing the right type of roof for a house can be a real hassle for most homeowners. To avoid regretting your investment, follow these steps before making any final decisions. What’s more, how do you know which type of roof will work best on your Jacksonville FL house?

Simple! You can count on us to fully explain all of your roofing options if you contact us. If you decide to re-roof your home, our team of residential roofing Jacksonville FL contractors will walk you through the process and help you get a residential roof that matches your vision perfectly.

Prior to that, however, here are the five most common types of residential roofs to get you started.

Asphalt Shingles

asphalt shingle roofing

When it comes to roofing materials in Jacksonville FL, asphalt shingles are a popular choice due to their low cost and ease of installation. Additionally, they’re incredibly long-lasting and available in a wide range of designs, so they appeal to the majority of homeowners.

They’re also well-known for their long-term heat resistance without losing any of their luster or quality. Because of their unique design and organic or fiberglass construction, these air conditioners are extremely energy efficient during the hot summer months. Heat is effectively reflected away from your home when you use these window treatments.

Wood Shakes

In any climate, wood shakes are a great choice for a residential roof, but they are especially well-suited to hot, tropical locales due to their high level of UV radiation resistance. As a result, even in areas prone to hurricanes and thunderstorms, they’ll hold up just as well as anything the elements can throw at them.

Wood shakes are a great environmentally-friendly option for your Jacksonville FL home, and they’re a great investment for those who care about the environment.

Metal Roofing

Recent years have seen an increase in the popularity of metal roofing for Jacksonville FL residential roofs. It’s easy to see why – they’re small, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly, all of which are huge selling points.

The installation process, on the other hand, can be quite complicated, so if you want it done right, we recommend that you contact your local Roof Solar roofing contractor. In Jacksonville FL, we have a lot of experience installing metal roofs, and we’ll make your money worth your while.

Slate Roof Shingles

Slate shingles are your best bet if you want a more upscale look for your house. They’re an excellent option for your upscale Jacksonville FL residence, and the advantages they offer are numerous. The biggest advantages are their natural appearance and fire resistance, as well as the fact that they are impervious to decay and have a lengthy lifespan.

They do, however, have a number of disadvantages. They’re one of the more expensive options, and because of their size and weight, installing them requires a lot of skill. Roof Solar, on the other hand, has top-notch slate roof installation experts who will provide you with a roof that will last for generations.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are an excellent choice for a residential roof because they add character to your home while also being long-lasting. The fact that they are both fireproof and fade-resistant makes them an excellent choice.

Clay tiles have the disadvantage of being unusable in areas with the unpredictability of the weather. High winds and heavy foot traffic can damage the tiles, even though they are strong and long-lasting.


It all boils down to your expectations and preferences when it comes to your Jacksonville FL home’s roof, and there are many great options available. Regardless of your final decision, your Jacksonville roofing contractor team is here to provide you with high-quality work and a direct line of communication.

Get in touch with us for any of your residential roofing needs, and we’ll be happy to help you from start to finish.

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