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Signs Your Commercial Roof Is About To Collapse

When a commercial building’s roof collapses, it can cause significant financial damage and even the permanent closure of the business. The signs of a roof collapse and actions you can take to help prevent a commercial roof collapse are both critical for preventing catastrophic loss.

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Here are a few warning signs that your commercial building’s roof is about to give way:

Misaligned Sprinkler Heads And Ceiling Tiles

If your ceiling’s sprinkler heads or tiles are out of place, your ceiling has shifted. Before the ceiling collapses, it’s critical to figure out why it’s shifted and get it fixed right away.

Leaking Or Signs Of Water Damage On The Ceiling

The structural integrity of your roof will be jeopardised if you have a leaky roof. If water has gotten inside the building, it means the roof’s support structure is beginning to deteriorate, which could lead to a collapse.

As soon as you notice a leak, call a commercial roofer to locate the leak’s source and assess the roof’s structural integrity. The damage caused by leaks can spread quickly, so getting the problem fixed as soon as possible is critical.

Crack in Exterior Walls

Cracks in your building’s exterior are a warning sign that something is seriously wrong with the structure. One of the possible causes of these cracks is that your roof is in danger of collapsing. Building engineers and a commercial roofer should both inspect your property to ensure the structural soundness of the building.

Weather-Related Damage

If your windows and doors are becoming increasingly difficult to open and close, you may be dealing with structural shifting. It’s possible that your roof’s support system will buckle and collapse as a result of the structural shifting occurring. As soon as you notice something amiss with your roof, call your roofer right away.

Standing Water

Extreme weather can cause extensive damage to a commercial roof, even leading to its failure in some cases. Severe weather can cause serious damage to your roof, including hurricanes, windstorms, snowfall, temperature fluctuations, hail, and much more.

It is critical to have your roof inspected after a severe weather event to ensure there is no damage.

Shifting Of The Building

Ponding water can be caused by a clogged drain system, a poorly maintained roof, or a roof that was improperly installed. Over time, water will add weight to your roof, and if that weight is greater than your roof’s capacity, it will collapse.

What To Do If Your Commercial Roof Collapses

If your building’s flooring has become uneven, the structure feels tilted, or the support columns and vertical installations appear angled, your building may have shifted structurally and be in danger of collapsing.

If your commercial roof has collapsed or you are seeing the warning signs of one, call Roof Solar commercial roofers right away. They will inspect your roof and determine whether or not it needs repairs.

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