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Jacksonville’s Most Popular Roof Colors

The aesthetics of your roofing system has a significant influence on the visual appeal and value of your property. If your roofing system is in poor condition, it can detract from the aesthetic of your property and drive away potential purchasers if you decide to sell. The same may be said about the color of your roof. If the color of your roof doesn’t match the rest of your house or has faded dramatically over time, it might affect the curb appeal and resale value of your property.

When it comes to choosing a roofing color, today’s homeowners are spoiled with choice. For your roofing system, roofing material manufacturers provide hundreds of various colors and colors. You may make your roof as plain or as extravagant as you want it to be.

For developers and homeowners who wish to embrace a fashionable, in-fashion look for their houses, roofing firms like Owens Corning offer Roof Shingle Colors of the Year.

Aged Copper is the Roof Shingle Color of the Year for 2021. Aged Copper is characterized as “a delicate combination of hues that quickly remind you of nature’s immense magnificence, just like feeling the peaceful, tranquility of a walk in the woods.” Deep orange, sage green, and brown granules were blended together to give a warm, welcoming effect.”

Black Sable, Pacific Wave, Sand Dune, and other previous Roof Shingle Colors of the Year are just a few examples.

These are some of the most popular roofing colors in Jacksonville if you’re thinking about installing new roofing materials and aren’t sure which color to choose.


A red roof is a great method to give your house a unique look and make it stand out from the crowd. Red roofing systems look fantastic on homes with white or grey exteriors. Red roofing, on the other hand, is known for fading over time. Regular maintenance is required if you want your roofing to look nice for many years.


Green roofing systems go well with homes that have a lot of natural landscaping and wildlife around them. Green roofing complements the white and beige exteriors of many residences. If you really want to be green, consider installing a living roof.


Black roofs give dwellings a feeling of mystery and sophistication. Black roofs are excellent for keeping your home warm in the winter, and they require less care than lighter-colored roofs due to their dark tint.


For homes with white or gray exteriors, blue roofing is ideal. Blue is a cool and soothing hue that works well in almost any scenario. Blue roofing is very common among seaside and lakefront properties.

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