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Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Any type of roof leak is a major headache for homeowners, especially if the leak is hard to locate or fix. Leaks can develop up to 10 feet away from their source because of things like horizontal roof boards

Among roof leaks, this is the most common. While hiring a professional roofing company is an option, having a working knowledge of your home’s structures is always beneficial.

Field of Shingles

If your roof is older or hasn’t received regular maintenance, leaks can develop easily within or under the shingles. The most obvious signs of a leak in a single nail are missing colour granules and cracks, but it can be as subtle as a misplaced nail.

Intersection of Two Roof Planes

Another common place for leaks to occur on roofs is the valley formed by the intersection of two roof planes. Incorrectly trimmed shingles can allow water to seep in through the singles and into your home.


Chimneys are both attractive and functional, but they can be a real headache when it comes to roofing. All four types of flashing on a chimney must be in good working order for there to be no leaks. A lot of precision is required, even when counterflashing the leads into the brick mortar joints. Small cracks above flashings can allow water to rush in behind them and into your home, even if they are not visible.

Plumbing and Furnace Vent Flashings

Roof flashings direct water away from leaky areas of the roof with a thin layer of galvanised steel. This applies to areas around plumbing and heating vents, as well. Inadequate flashings, on the other hand, can come loose and cause significant leaks. It’s critical to check your plumbing and furnace vent flashings on a regular basis to detect damage early.

Schedule regular roofing maintenance or repairs with Roof Solar  Roofing to get the most out of your investment in roofing. Our licensed and insured roofing contractors have been in business for over two decades. Residential or commercial roofing water leaks are no match for our expertise when it comes to preventing them.

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