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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks- Roof Solar

No matter if it is a make-up flat business roof or a high-pitch home roof, all roofing systems have problems. Your roofing system needs to be repaired right away or replaced if moisture starts to seep beneath the barrier. Even if there aren’t any immediate signs of leaks, you should familiarize yourself with the factors that contribute to commercial roof leaks so that you can be more prepared.

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Commercial Roof Leaks: What Causes Them?

Although no manager or owner of a commercial building wants to witness a roof leak, the potential damage brought on by water leaks should not be disregarded. There are a number of circumstances that could result in commercial roof leaks, as well as what you should do if you do.

Materials That Have Been Broken

The most frequent cause of leaks in business roofs is damaged roofing materials. A flat roof might be broken or destroyed by powerful storms or winds. Even once the roofing membrane has reached its full completion, low-pitch commercial roofs are more likely to sustain damage than high-pitch roofs. They may crack as a result of dropped objects, foot traffic, and trash.

You must make sure that the roof surface is regularly maintained and mended when rips or pauses form in it. If the punctures are not immediately noticed, penetrating moisture could further damage the insulation underneath the membrane.

Breaking Flash

Flashing is a metal piece designed for your roof’s corners or for interior roofing components like skylights and fireplaces. It helps to tighten up these places and stop leaks from happening. Other locations for flashing include dormers and the edges of the roof. Flashing can lift the roof and let moisture in when it is installed improperly, when it ages, or when it is harmed by a storm or strong winds.

Drains clogged

Theoretically, water from gutters, scuppers, and interior drainage pipes should effectively drain off a flat or low-level company roof. Keep the drainage pipes clear to avoid your roof from getting too wet. Regular gutter cleaning reduces the chance of cracks on your roof by preventing water from collecting in certain areas. Check for obstructions or damage to the drainage system if rainwater is not draining properly from your roof.

Negligence In General

A roof leak is more likely to occur if it is neglected without anyone noticing. The best way to find roof damage and cracks and fix them before they worsen and require a complete roof replacement is through routine roofing inspections. Roof inspections are to be carried out every two years and following significant storms.

With this information, I hope you can better understand the typical reasons why commercial roofs leak. Poor drainage, penetration, collecting water, a damaged roofing membrane, faulty commercial flat roof flashing and seals, and dumping leaks are all to blame. To prevent these problems and lengthen the life of your roof, Roof Solar does routine maintenance on business roofs in Jacksonville, FL. Make time to visit us so we can examine, fix, or replace your commercial roof.

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