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Common Causes For Roof Damage- Roof Solar

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When it comes to the safety of your employees and the assets of your company, the structural integrity of your commercial roof is critical. You are unlikely to think about your commercial roof unless there is a problem with it.

As a business or property owner, you should put safety of your employees and your company first by avoiding damage to your commercial roof. Commercial roof damage is frequently caused by the following things:

Wind Damage

Commercial roof damage is frequently caused by high winds or other severe weather. Incorrectly installed and maintained commercial roofing products can put pressure on the flashing and cause an uplift when combined with internal pressure. Seams, membranes, and flashings can all be damaged by this pressure. Chimney caps and vents can be blown off in high winds, allowing water to leak through. Have your roof inspected if you’ve recently been through a storm.

Leaking And Faulty Flashings

One of the most common problems with commercial roofs is faulty flashings. Roof leaks are frequently the result of improperly installed flashings on the curbs and walls. When installing flashing, keep in mind that it will go through contractions and expansions. A leak can occur because the installer failed to account for material expansions and contractions, which is why it leaked in the first place.

Pitch pan problems, which are responsible for sealing the pipes on the roof, can also lead to leaks. They’re prone to leaking if the seal isn’t tight enough.

Puncture Or Penetration Damage

Damage can occur during routine maintenance in some cases. If your commercial roof develops new holes or punctures as a result of the use of tools or equipment, water may leak through. To avoid further damage, have a puncture or penetration in your roof professionally repaired and sealed as soon as possible.

Standing Water

Water can collect on your commercial roof if your roof is poorly designed or if drains are clogged. As a result of this, the roof’s materials may deteriorate, leading to leaks and structural damage. While a clogged AC unit may be the cause of your standing water in some cases, a roofer who failed to account for the roof’s slope and proper water drainage when designing your commercial roof may be to blame.

Lack Of Maintenance And Regular Inspections

The cost of commercial roof repairs can be prohibitive if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance. These repairs can be minimized or avoided entirely if you practice preventative maintenance. Be sure to call the commercial roofers at Roof Solar as soon as you notice any small stains or signs of leakage in your building’s ceiling. We can find and fix problems with commercial roofing before they become more serious and expensive.

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